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"A sensitive and skillfully written novel...sure to enchant."
- Hazel Gaynor, bestselling author of The Girl Who Came Home

"A hauntingly elegant tale of love and tragedy in Imperial Russia."
C.W. Gortner, bestselling author of The Romanov Empress 

Alexander Pushkin. The most beloved poet in St. Petersburg, but under the tsar's watch.

Natalya Pushkina. Famed beauty and aspiring intellectual who catches the tsar's eye.

"The Lost Season of Love and Snow deftly weaves historical facts with rich, deep emotion, taking us inside the unforgettable love story between young beauty Natalya Goncharova and famed poet Alexander Pushkin. Jennifer Laam delivers a compelling portrait of a woman unfairly condemned not just for her own desires, but for the adoration of powerful men she could neither reject nor control. Laam makes love itself both the hero and the villain of this powerful story, delicately exploring its joys, delights and tensions as well as its tragic consequences." 


- Greer Macallister, USA Today bestselling author of The Magician's Lie and The Arctic Fury

After Alexander Pushkin's death at the age of 37, conspiracy theories related to his fatal duel became a part of Russian history. Some believe that Pushkin's opponent wore a makeshift bulletproof vest and that the tsar himself had been complicit or even active in planning the duel. After news of Pushkin's death spread, the tsar was forced to deal with a mass expression of grief and anger over the needless death of the brilliant poet. And in St. Petersburg's elite social circles, rumors spread that the duel, and the poet's death, was all his wife's fault.

But Natalya Pushkina was far more than a great beauty. Recent research has revealed a different side of Natalya, a sensitive and intelligent young woman. And despite her weakness for court balls and flirtations, she loved her husband passionately.

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