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The Romanov Heiress
Questions for Book Clubs

  1. As grand duchesses, Olga and her sisters struggled with expectations and limitations on their lives based on their positions. In what ways were their horizons broadened once those titles no longer applied?

  2. In what ways did Tsar Nicholas use his daughters to bolster his own image and reputation?

  3. To what extent do you believe the Romanov sisters bore responsibility for their family's actions?

  4. Were the Romanovs right to keep Alexei's condition a secret? Would there have been advantages to making it more widely known?

  5. Why do you think tales of Romanovs surviving the massacre at the Ipatiev House persist? Why is Anastasia's story perpetually popular?

Selected Bibliography - The Romanov Heiress

Books by Helen Rappaport

  • The Romanov Sisters

  • The Race to Save the Romanovs

  • The Last Days of the Romanovs

  • Caught in the Revolution

Books by Robert Massie

  • Nicholas and Alexandra

  • The Romanovs : The Final Chapter

Other Titles

  • The Diary of Olga Romanov (edited by Helen Azar)

  • The Last Tsar by Edvard Radszinsky

  • Natasha's Dance: A Cultural History of Russia  by Orlando Figes

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